How Can Social Media Transform The Gaming Industry?

How Can Social Media Transform The Gaming Industry?

How Can Social Media Transform The Gaming Industry?

Social media has transformed our lives fundamentally. It brings people together, it vanishes distances, and it offers easy access to detailed information. It has transformed all industries to their core by changing marketing and customer engagement rules. The gaming industry is no exception. Today, gaming is more than a hobby, for many; it’s a full-time job. And while professional games use Twitch to share experiences and knowledge, traditional social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help rookies expand their knowledge base, and gain more insights into the latest trends, gaming products, and devices. By using platforms like, gamers can get better insights into the best hardware products, and they can filter the options available with more ease.

Below are only some of the ways in which social media has helped aspiring and professional games growing, over the past few years.

Social Media Helps Gamers Find Better, More Affordable Hardware

The age of information not only brings people together, but it also facilitates access to high-quality information. Professional review platforms like the one mentioned in the beginning, help gamers find better and more affordable hardware to engage easier with their passion.  

Traditionally, finding affordable (read under $200) and high-performing hardware, especially computer monitors, has been difficult. The variety of products can be overwhelming even for experienced, professional gamers. But social media seems to change the rules of the game. Gaming Facebook communities, Facebook ads, official profiles of reputable retailers, and review websites shed light on the matter. Today, all gamers can find out which are the best monitors under $200, can compare and choose the most appropriate product for their own needs and preferences.

Social Media Facilitates the Connection between Professionals and Rookies

Communication has also become better and easier, in the social media reign. Today, owners of professional review accounts can get in touch with less experienced gamers. They can offer their piece of wisdom, and they can help rookies become…

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