5 Tools To Help Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

5 Tools To Help Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks (3)

For online businesses who invest in content marketing, every piece of content needs to be flawless. Otherwise, you won’t be successful. The problem is that content is not only blog posts, podcasts or social media activity. It’s all of the above, and not just that. But if you work in a large agency or company, this challenge is amplified 10-fold.

Content can be challenging to organize. With no organization, you can’t create the right content at the right time. It can hurt your marketing success. Fortunately, there’s a wide array of content and marketing tools to choose from.

According to OptinMonster.com, 45 Insanely Useful Content Marketing Tools To Skyrocket Engagement, the most successful marketing companies use at least 5 tools to create high-performing content. However, if you don’t have a good content marketing strategy, even the best tools won’t help you. Once you get the right strategy, these 5 tools will help you better organize your content marketing tasks and improve your productivity.

In this article, I won’t mention the most popular tools – I’ll turn the spotlight on 5 lesser-known tools. Some of these tools are good for more than just the category. For example, SE Ranking is great for optimizing content for SEO, but it is also great for content ideation. So, you should definitely take a look, and use them in your content marketing.

1. Finteza for measuring content performance

If you’re creating content, you should measure the success of your content marketing campaign. Ongoing analytics are necessary for improving the general conversation about your brand and learning what works, and what doesn’t work. Using the right data analytics tool like Finteza is the first step in creating an effective content marketing campaign.

Finteza is a free analytics suite that provides detailed reports on user behavior, CTR for individual ads or the entire campaign, gives insight into your conversion funnels and optimizes your future content based on your audience’s interests. The tool also helps you create and schedule your campaigns to show up there ahead of time and rest easy as Finteza will do the task brilliantly.

5 Lesser-Known Tools To Organize Your Content Marketing Tasks

One of the best…

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