How We Repeatedly Launch 6-Figure Courses With Just 2 People

We just wrapped up sales for 10x Emails Mastery, a digital self-paced course on writing the most effective sales emails.

The course trains freelance and in-house copywriters, growth consultants, online coaches and digital product entrepreneurs on how to write emails that convert. W00t!

It’s probably the 10th product launch for Copy Hackers in the past 4 years (since we stopped selling ebooks)… and we’re now settling into a nice steady rhythm of about 3 course launches per year.

Keep in mind that not all our course launches involve selling brand new products.

No, we re-launch the same courses multiple times, which is really the key to steadily growing your info product business. After all, why would you put 500+ hours into conceiving, writing, recording, editing and marketing an awesome course if you only plan to sell it once? That’s just cray. Create once, launch many times.

Our last 6 launches have all been 6-figure launches, with our best-performing launch eclipsing mid 6-figures.

And I’m saying this with sincere humility: we execute these launches pretty flawlessly now.

The best part? We do it with just 2 people: Joanna and yours truly.

Yes, the courses offer huge value for buyers… and they’re priced right… and they’re marketed using the very same advice Joanna offers in the Copy Hackers courses. That said, a big part of maximizing course sales comes down to the set of tools we use to manage everything during a launch.

Choosing the right tools helps you earn more money. Getting it right lets you do more with fewer resources and headaches. The technology you use can actually feel like an additional team member – a team member that costs next to nothing. Mic drop.

It’s a great time to run an online business. But living in this age of digital products is also a double-edged sword:

The widespread availability of tools built to help you with critical aspects of your course launches comes with a hidden cost

The hidden cost?


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