9 Myths Companies Still Believe about Online Video Marketing

9 Myths Companies Believe About Online Video Marketing

Social media changes so fast that, often, what you know about it is wrong the second after you learn it. Video is the most effective form of online content, but online video marketing is also the hardest of all the types of social media content to create.

With so much content uploaded to social media each minute, it has never been harder to create content that people actually want to view. The harder your video is to create, the more your brand will stand out and the harder it will be for your competitors to duplicate.

We can no longer just create content. We need to create valuable content that does one of three things:  entertains, educates, or inspires.

When it comes to creating online video marketing, most companies are working off bad information. Here are 9 myths that companies believe about using video. Use them to help avoid the mistakes that plague corporate video and online video marketing.

9 Myths Companies Believe About Using Video

Myth #1: Price

If you do a quick search online for the cost of creating a video for your business, you’ll turn up a lot of different ideas as to what people think a video should cost. What they leave out is that there are at least 30 different elements that can go into your video, all of which affect the price of your video.

The end price also depends on how much experience the person who is creating your videos has and how many people it takes to create your video. There seems to be a lot of people stuck on the idea that a video should cost between $500 – $5,000. This might be true if you are talking to a college student, but do you want to trust the most powerful communication tool your company has to someone who is still learning?

I think $5,000 is the least you should expect to pay and that is for a really basic video. To even score that low of a price, you’d have to write the script yourself.

The price also depends on the style of video you need to create. It also depends on how many videos you create at the same time. A video created properly can provide a return on investment for 5 or more years. Sales and marketing should combine budgets to help support their common efforts.

Myth #2: You can make a…

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