Strategies for More Authentic Content

Last week we had an extensive discussion during #SEMrushchat about strategies for authentic content. There is a newer phrase called “Authentic Content Marketing” being used to help people differentiate between relationship-building based content and traditional content marketing. The goal of authentic content is to reach specific audiences, provides answers/solutions, create trust, and build relationships instead of creating content for sales or lead gen purposes.

We all know authenticity has always made a brand out from their competitors, and if done right, creates trust and makes one memorable. And yet, too often brands either don’t know how to be authentic OR are following traditional sales strategies that in today’s world are pushing buyers away.

Keep reading to see the advice given from marketing experts that joined the chat, and share yours in the comments below. 


Inauthentic content is boring, it’s like being lectured at. Authentic content should be more of a conversation, it speaks to a question you actually asked.

Amy Middleton Hebdon

Authenticity is oxygen to seekers of real info. No one wants to read the poorly-researched keyword rich SEO post to help with rankings. People want meaning and answers.

JP Sherman

Humans are more emotional than rational than we’d like to think we are – authentic content is a way to connect with humans on an emotional & rational level.

The Karcher Group

Audiences can spot inauthenticity a mile away. They aren’t buying into brands anymore. They’re choosing to buy into the people behind the brand and the values they portray. You have to be authentic to really make that connection with an audience.

Will Sagraves

Authentic marketing means being unique and relevant to your audience. It means staying away from the buzzwords and stock images, just be yourself and your audience will find you.

7marketz Inc

Authenticity is what transforms you from a name into a brand. It showcases character and reflects your mission. It also shows…

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