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For marketers working to reach new audiences online, insights into competitors’ brand-building activities, strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities to reach and capture their audience can play a powerful role in driving success. However, such competitive insights have mostly been available to companies with vast resources and their own analytics teams. 

Alexa Site Overview

The Site Overview service – which already serves more than three million unique users each month – provides highly-relevant data pertaining to a marketer’s website, audience, and keyword gaps and opportunities. It also offers the same data on any competitor site. Rather than overwhelm marketers with a bulk of data that is unstructured, uninterpreted, and requires extensive analysis before any insights can be gained, the Site Overview service performs the needed complex analysis automatically. Marketers can input a website, and Site Overview will return a custom list of keyword opportunities for that site, as well as a list of the top websites competing for the site’s audience, the site’s traffic metrics in comparison with the average of the top competing sites, and other competitor insights. 

By enabling marketers to identify opportunities where competitors are currently leveraging key advantages to reach audiences that their own brand has yet to approach, Site Overview makes it fairly simple for marketers to take data-backed actions.

“In the last few years, we’ve made big moves to help digital marketers drive real impact in their organizations with the addition of intelligent SEO, SEM and content analysis capabilities. The new Site Overview service is now a central hub for marketers who don’t have the resources to handle a deluge of data, but need direct and effective insights they can act on quickly. By keeping tabs on where competitors are finding success, marketers can discover their own competitive edge.”

Andrew Ramm, President of

Alexa Site Overview Features

Alexa Site Review -

Released June 27th, Site Overview’s new capabilities are designed to provide marketers with insights ready to be put into action, across areas including customized keyword opportunities,…

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