Web Design Practices That Frustrate SEO Pros

What web design practices interfere with SEO?

Do web developers and digital marketers clash over webpage design decisions?

What issues face today’s website management teams?

If you have ever wondered if online marketers care about webpage design, the answer is yes, they do.

It can take years of work experience to truly understand how changes in web design practices affect search engine marketing strategies.

Someone who is just learning search engine optimization starts with the basics of learning how search engines rank webpages and deliver search query results.

There is a great deal to learn. It isn’t easy.

While the underlying foundation of SEO hasn’t changed much in 20 years, the technical parts did.

Websites can be mammoth-sized, with thousands of pages. The complicated information architecture creates navigation hurdles, with link logic to hammer out and instructions for search engine bots on what to do with them.

That is the back end.

The front end, which human users see and use, factors into the planning, too.

Without an understanding of why this is important, problems appear that clients are unhappy with. Website owners want their websites to be first and the best.

Large corporations hire senior level search engine marketers with both the technical SEO experience and an understanding of the importance of usability.

Small and medium-sized businesses may not be aware of the competitive nature of search engines and how web design plays a part in online marketing.

Budget restraints limit their chances to compete. Less experienced website owners become frustrated quickly because they are unaware of all the pieces of the puzzle.

One of the top lessons we have learned in the last two decades is that it takes a skilled team to build a successful website. And, they need to work together.

Holistic SEO & Usability

There used to be two camps.

You were either a web designer with a graphic design background wanting to design visually appealing, creative webpages, or you were a…

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