15 Ideas for Social Media Posts To Engage Your Audience

When talking to entrepreneurs and bloggers there is one question that comes up fairly often: What the heck are you posting on your social media channels all the time? How do you keep those channels active without going crazy and spending far too much of your time on social media when you really want to be busy working on other stuff? What social media posts will engage and build a relationship with my audience?

And I agree, without ideas what to post, it not only takes time to come up with a good post but it will also be a nuisance and no fun to keep your social media accounts active.

While promotional posts and your helpful content is a great start to keep your social media accounts active, for most social networks you need a little more variety of updates to inspire engagement and build a relationship with your audience.

Just think: Which accounts do you follow on Instagram? Which accounts do you notice? Which updates are you waiting for?

My answer is: Accounts that tell stories, that have a great variety of posts and actively engage.

Or think about Facebook: You need engagement to increase your reach – and you need to build a connection to your audience. How can you achieve that?

Here is a variety of update ideas to not only keep your social accounts active but to also earn more reach, grow your followers and increase your engagement and interaction.

1. Share your content in your social media posts

Yes, you are not only allowed to do this. If you have a targeted audience, your audience will like your content and find it helpful. That is why you should give your audience value through your content, after all, you created this content for them.


The content that you post to social media should not be promotional – or at least not all the content that you post to our social media channels should be promotional. This means if you only have your products to talk about, be careful that you mix it up on your social media channels with other non-promotional stuff.

15 Ideas for Social Media Posts To Engage Your Audience 1

If you need some help to figure out how much promotion and how much other stuff you should post, check out the 80/20 rule for posting on social media.

2. Ask a question

Are you looking for engagement? Then…

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