Here’s How to Consistently Create Video Content for Your Business

How to Create Consistent Video Content for Your Business

For social media to work, you need to create regular content.  With so many marketing messages, it is easy for people to forget about you, but being there every week in a valuable way keeps you top of mind and builds relationships over time.   Creating a tweet or taking a photo for Instagram is easy compared to creating a video.  Creating one video is tough.  Creating a series of video, especially on a weekly basis, can seem impossible.  The internet is crowded with video that no one wants to watch.  So, what do you do to keep from adding to the pile?   First, quality is more important than quantity.  However, just like your favorite TV show, people need to know that there will be more videos for them to watch.   If you can’t create weekly content, then figure out what frequency works for you and then stick to that schedule and let your audience know when to expect your next video.

There are many different styles of video content that you can create but, no matter what style you create, your content needs to do one of three things: inspire, educate or entertain.  If you can make a video that does all 3 things, it will be an even bigger win.  You can talk directly to the camera or do an interview talk show style. Look for what no one else is doing in your industry and use that opportunity to be unique. I like to challenge the brands we work with to create more entertainment-type content, especially if they are in a business that is already full of thought leaders.  Entertainment type content is more expensive, but it is more engaging. My favorite example was the reality show we created called “Shoot for Broke.”  We learned that it works really well but it was too expensive for us to continue for now.

Choose the style of video that fits you budget and your brand.  If you are the Ferrari or Nordstrom of your industry or selling to high end clients, you need to make sure the videos you create match your brand.  For smaller brands or a solopreneur, a smartphone with microphone and a tripod might be enough to create video content.  Don’t try to hide behind animation or PowerPoint slides.  People will connect with a real person….

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