Not Getting Business Results? Try These Content Tips from Professional Artists

A lot of people think that artists create work when they feel inspired, spending the rest of their time drinking tiny coffees in quaint cafés, or something similarly poetic.


Real artists are craftspeople first. They work in a disciplined, methodical way (although that method can vary hugely from person to person), and they don’t wait around for inspiration.

This week, we offered three “serious artist” approaches to your content production. Try these out to become both more creative and more productive — without letting your blog or podcast take every minute of your life.

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman talked about the value of establishing editorial standards for your content. It might not sound sexy at first. (Unless you’re us, because we’re weird.) But pinning these down will let you serve your audience better, focus your content authority with both audiences and search engines, and can even help reduce writer’s block.

On Tuesday, we featured one of my all-time favorite posts from Pamela Wilson: 8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content. I refer people to this post all the time, because these are quick, easy ways to make a big difference in the reach and readability of your work.

And on Wednesday, I shared a simple (but not necessarily easy) program to massively boost your content creativity and productivity. It calls on you to write something (it’s okay if it’s terrible) every day for 30 days.

If you want a little accountability and support for that, feel free to join our Facebook group, Killers and Poets: A Group for Content Writers, and post your daily victories! (And challenges too, of course.)

Product of the week: Content Confidence Checklist

Professional writers of all kinds depend on developing a rhythm to their work. When you can approach your work in a systematic way, like any other artisan, you’ll find that you produce more. You’ll also be happier with what you create.

We created the Content…

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