Top 5 Creative Social Media Trends of 2019 (+ Free Report!)

To get ahead of the competition and keep your brand current on social, you need to be on top of the latest social media trends!  

From cool video edits to new-age filters, we’re covering the top 5 creative social media trends of 2019, as well as the best apps and hacks to help you recreate these trends on your channels.

Plus! To help you stay ahead of the curve and on top of the competition, we also created a free Creative Social Media Trend Report covering the top 20 creative trends shaping the social landscape right now! 

Get ready to grow your social following and boost your engagement levels! 

social media trends 2019

Creative Social Media Trend #1: Make It Pop With Animated Stories! 

When it comes to social trends in 2019, it doesn’t get much bigger than stories — over 500 million people now use Instagram Stories every day.

And stories aren’t just making waves on Instagram and Facebook. YouTube and Spotify are now also getting involved with new in-app stories features too!

Top 5 Creative Social Media Trends of 2019 (+ Free Report!) 1

And the rise of stories has led to a new, hyper-engaging trend — animated stories.

From motion graphics to scrolling text, you can now create a super dynamic experience on your stories.

Check out how fashion retailer Boohoo uses animated stories on Instagram for extra impact:

social media trends 2019

And there are already a ton of apps out there that do all of the hard work for you! At Later, we use a combination of Mojo and InStories to add animations to our stories. 

This example was created in Mojo. The story appears to “jump” upwards, mirroring the effect of a swipe up:

Top 5 Creative Social Media Trends of 2019 (+ Free Report!) 3

All you have to do is upload your static content, choose your animation effect, and the Mojo app does all of the hard work for you!

Adding simple animations — like scrolling text or moving images — to your stories is a quick and easy way to create a more engaging experience for your followers. 

Discover all the latest creative trends! Download our Creative Social Media Trend Report 2019 now! 


Creative Social Media Trend #2: Go Vintage Edit With Grain, Dust, and Light Leaks!

When it comes to content editing trends, “vintage” is having a moment right now. See how influencer Jasmine Lorimer is working the light leaks trend across both her Instagram…

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