3 Ways to Track Your Social Media Metrics Easily

3 Ways to Track Your Social Media Metrics Easily

3 Ways to Track Your Social Media Metrics Easily

In the 21st century, social media is the new king of marketing. It’s no longer effective or efficient to spend money reaching out to consumers, especially young ones, without establishing a presence on social media. That’s where the people are, so that’s where you need to go. The internet also makes it easier than ever to closely track the success of your advertising from minute-to-minute, and social media is no exception.

To make the most out of your social media marketing strategy, use some of these tools to follow your consumer metrics on social media, and adjust your tactics accordingly. Watch in real-time as you get shares, page views, and likes. 

Built-In Social Media Tools

Some of the most simple and obvious options for tracking metrics are the native features of the various social networks themselves. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube let you track audience interactions, including views, likes, comments, and shares. This is an easy way to directly compare the success of different pieces of content or pages. 

Native social media metrics don’t just include fan counts and likes, however. “More and more social media organizations are offering businesses a lot of data,” says Layne Davlin, founder and CEO of a professional employment organization. “Facebook, Instagram, and others give businesses access to in-depth analytics around the reach of their content and viewer engagement.” 

Media Monitoring

Beyond native tools, there are many social media tools available that allow you to track social media chatter and follow mentions of your products and brand across different platforms. This way, you can learn so much more than what you can learn just by interacting directly with consumers. Find out what people are saying about your services and what their needs are. 

Businesses can use applications like Topsy, Mention, Viralheat, or Hootsuite to get regular updates on your brand mentions on various social media platforms. You’ll learn more about your potential clients and what sets them apart. You’ll also be better prepared to respond to criticism or connect with consumers more…

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