Promote Your Facebook Content Using these 7 Powerful Tactics

How to Promote Your Facebook Content Using 7 Powerful Tactics

With over a billion users, the Facebook Audience Network is understandably popular with marketers who want to promote their content. But does this alone make it right for your business? Here are 7 tactics to use to promote your Facebook content.

Should you share on Facebook without paid advertising?

You can share status updates at no cost on Facebook, in different ways – Link, photo, video and text updates. In fact, you can use a combination of these to promote your content at different times.

But the challenge most users face is where to focus their Facebook promotional efforts, especially in light of recent shrinking organic reach (the number of people who see your posts through unpaid distribution). Should you like the Google ad in the example below, use paid advertising — or is it worth investing in organic posts?

Google Facebook ad

The main reason you should pursue promoting your content on Facebook is that Facebook’s highly specific audience-targeting allows you to reach potential future customers you would want to be part of your audience.

Here are a few more reasons why you should promote your content on Facebook to expose your content to a bigger audience:

  • Compared to other paid channels cost per click prices can be lower
  • A post’s organic reach can be amplified with paid promotion
  • Promoting your content via the Facebook Ad interface is easy to set up and manage

While organic reach may be declining, what matters is priming the post you share for the best reach and engagement by acquiring a few likes and comments to kick off things.


The best way to prime your content for even more reach and exposure is to get some “likes” and shares organically to prove its worth. Then when you undertake a paid promotional campaign, your target audience will notice that others have “liked” and shared your post. They’ll therefore naturally want to find out more and maybe even share it.

As you explore the value of Facebook content promotion, learn about seven powerful tactics to help your content get more reach at a lower cost.

1. Share your best content

If you are involved in content marketing, then you are probably frequently monitoring to see which content is working well…

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