One Ridiculously Easy Addition to Enhance the Power of Your Blog Posts

The overall aim of your blog is to help your audience with the issues they struggle with while also educating them on what they need to know to do business with you.

That’s too much responsibility for just one article, so each blog post you publish can be thought of as a piece of your content marketing strategy puzzle.

And how do you connect those puzzle pieces to keep readers engaged with your story and on your site for longer?

Internal links: a strategic way to connect your content

I often advise writers to be selective about the hyperlinks they include in their blog posts.

While links allow you to cite external sources and provide more background information on certain topics, articles that make sense without clicking on a bunch of links are naturally easier to read.

That said, linking to your own content is an opportunity to showcase your authority and demonstrate that your website is an excellent resource.

You just need to add links in a strategic way that doesn’t disrupt a reader’s experience.

The three steps below will help you find the right balance.

Step #1: Plan your links

When you choose a new topic to write about, get in the habit of reviewing the content you’ve recently published, as well as your cornerstone content and landing pages for your products or services.

Start by picking three to five links, depending on the length of your blog post, and look for ways to weave in those links to the other content you want to highlight.

Better content is intentional at every stage of creation.

For example, while writing about how to avoid a rookie marketing mistake for Copyblogger, I may mention the benefits of using a call to action.

Instead of going on a tangent in that article to completely define a call to action, I’d hyperlink text that says “call to action” to a blog post on Copyblogger that explains how to use that effective copywriting standby.

The link lets your reader know that you have more information on that topic if they need…

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