The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Instagram Posts

It’s 2019 and learning how to schedule Instagram posts for free is still one of the best ways to save time, increase your productivity, and stay connected with your Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, a lot of social media marketers are at a loss when it comes to picking the best app for scheduling Instagram posts!

What features are most important? Should you use a scheduler that can automatically post for you? What about reporting and analytics?

We’ve got you covered. In our Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Instagram Posts, we explain exactly how you can save time, increase your engagement, grow your following, and schedule Instagram posts for free:

schedule instagram posts

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Schedule Instagram Posts
  2. Save Time Uploading Instagram Posts from Your Desktop
  3. Create Better Instagram Captions with a Free Instagram Scheduler
  4. Schedule Instagram Posts to Plan a Beautiful Instagram Feed
  5. How to Schedule Instagram Posts
  6. Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram
  7. Create & Curate Your Instagram Content
  8. Plan Your Instagram Feed
  9. Quick Schedule Your Instagram Posts
  10. Optimize Your Captions and Hashtags
  11. Auto Publish Your Instagram Posts
  12. Use to Drive More Traffic and Sales

Why Schedule Instagram Posts?

Every business owner knows that time is money. And if you’re looking to make better use of that ever-so-precious commodity, it makes sense to enlist the help of a free Instagram scheduler.

Just think about it. Would you rather take 30 minutes out your day, every day, to rummage through your photos until you find one that fits your Instagram aesthetic, and then come up with a witty caption? Or spend 1-2 hours on one day to schedule Instagram posts for the whole week?

Still not convinced? Here are 3 more reasons to schedule Instagram posts for business:


1. Save Time by Uploading Instagram Posts from Your Desktop

If you’re using a camera to take your photos for Instagram, you’re most likely editing your photos on your computer too!

Using a free Instagram scheduler like Later that lets you upload Instagram posts from your desktop will save you a ton of time (not to mention frustration) when trying to get your photos from your computer to your phone. 

With Later, you can quickly drag…

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