Preparing For The Holidays With An Inbound Marketing Campaign

Preparing For The Holidays With An Inbound Marketing Campaign

Preparing For The Holidays With An Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Author: Marcus W K Wong

It’s no secret that the key to a successful inbound marketing campaign is preparation. Unlike the jolly good shoppers who can just go out on the last night of Christmas for that last-minute holiday shopping, or shoppers with 1000 tabs open of their favorite stores refreshing the page waiting on Black Friday, it’s a whole different ball game for marketers, especially when it comes to inbound marketing.

Online shopping has grown exponentially over the years so much so that shoppers make 51 percent of their purchase online according to a 2016 survey conducted by Fortune, holiday online sales alone pulled in $123.73 billion in 2018, and the majority of this was acculuated by Alibaba’s Single’s Day Event which last year, broke $30.8 billion alone.

Preparing For The Holidays With An Inbound Marketing Campaign 1

 So how do you make the most of the holiday cheer and not get buried by the competition?

Keep in mind that there will be spending happening on your part too and planning early will keep you from unnecessary costs. By early it means that your campaign should be good to go by September so those early-bird-shoppers can catch your products. Here’s how you can kickstart your 2019 holiday campaign and shine through the celebratory moments of the year.

Analyze Last Year’s Trends. 

Gather data from your previous holiday campaigns, starting from September until December. Take note of traffic fluctuations and the time your sales began to increase. Review your goals that year, whether it’s an increase in online revenue or conversion rate and what you did to achieve those goals.

What worked out last year and what didn’t? Take note of those things and start ideating how you can improve this year’s campaign.

Here are the metrics that matter:

New Users:
It’s the quickest way to determine your effectivity of your inbound marketing campaigns, if you have a growth trend of new users coming to your site.

Bounce Rate:

Don’t let your visitors turn cold. The last thing you should do is give your potential customers a reason to leave your site. A healthy bounce rate is less than 30%, and our recommended time on page…

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