How to Build An Online Reputation to Win New Clients

Our social team had a great conversation in last week’s SEMrushchat, with guest Kevin Gibbons and our community. They discussed strategies for building an online reputation that will help businesses win new clients. Topics discussed included common ORM issues, platforms to use, strategies for building a new reputations, ways to incentivize customers, and techniques for demonstrating expertise. 

Our community shared several strategies businesses can use and things to avoid. As always, there were many great tweets to choose from, but we can only include so many in our recap. We hope the tweets we chose will give you a variety of insights and tips you can use. 

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Kevin Gibbons

It’s easy to be distracted by trying to look good, but you need to focus on being great internally first – then the external perception will follow, and is much more likely to succeed, because it’s genuine.

Express Writers

Ignoring negative feedback is a big no-no. This is your opportunity to learn from your customers and make the issue right. It shows you care about them.

David Cohen

A major reputation mgmt issue businesses need to be aware of is when a person from the company, especially an exec or leader, posts something sexist, racist, misogynist, or any other content that would cause a PR nightmare or hurt customers.

Stevie Howard

I would say online trolls. I have had clients freak out because something is wrong only to find out it’s a spammer/ troll. Most companies don’t understand this concept, but it’s important to know when to douce the fire and when to let it snuff itself out.

Ben Austin

Lack of awareness – reputation damage can occur at any time! No strategy – having a strategy in place reduces the risk of various issues arising in the future. Lack of monitoring – something many small and large businesses fail to do.

Ryan Bennion

Having a contingency plan when things go wrong. Look…

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