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For some of my clients, I manage all of the talent necessary for their digital marketing efforts. For others, they have a small staff and we augment the skills necessary. For others, they have an incredibly robust team internally and are just needing overall guidance and an external perspective to help them stay innovative and identify gaps.

When I first launched my company, many leaders in the industry advised me to specialize and pursue a specific role; however, the gap I saw in most companies was that they rarely had a balanced team and it generated gaps in their strategies that went unseen. That didn’t mean they were failing by any means, it just meant that they weren’t reaching their full potential with the assets they had.

In my opinion, I believe every business should have an external partner in its digital marketing efforts. While I’m, of course, biased… there are a number of reasons:

  • Tool Licensing – I have access to enterprise toolsets that I’m able to offset the cost of across clients. This can actually save a company quite a bit of money.
  • Focus – As an external resource, I have the distinct advantage of not having to concern myself with company operations, meetings, politics, or even (most of the time) budget restrictions. I’m typically hired to fix a problem and then pursue that relentlessly – with a company paying for the value I provide rather than a salary that may or may not be productive.
  • Turnover – Virtually every company has turnover, so I’m able to cover gaps in skillsets when my clients have staff that’s turning over. And virtually every organization has turnover!
  • Niche Expertise – Most companies can’t hire a resource for every role necessary, but I’ve developed that network of skillsets over the years with proven leaders. That means that I can bring in the necessary roles as needed, optimizing the budget and bringing in true champions that will increase the chances of success.
  • Broad Expertise – By working across industries and staying on top of industry trends, I bring innovative solutions to my clients. If we test a strategy or platform at one company and it works well, I bring it to all of my clients and…

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