10 Storytelling Tips Every Copywriter Should Know

Stories are a powerful copywriting tactic.

You can use stories to …

  • connect;
  • teach;
  • inspire; and
  • persuade …

… your target market.

This isn’t some sort of pop-psychology hack, either.

10 Storytelling Tips Every Copywriter Should Know

The latent power of stories is not only proven in their ubiquitous existence in every culture throughout history. There are scientific benefits to storytelling and a truckload of anecdotal evidence. For example, Buffer increased their reader engagement 300% when they incorporated storytelling into their content.

When telling a story to promote your business, people don’t want to hear about your company. Instead, they want you to relate with them in their own words.

To connect with people in such a way, you must know their problems, understand their fears, and show them how your business can empower them to fulfill their aspirations.

There’s no perfect example you should emulate.

There are multiple ways you can use storytelling in your copywriting to connect with your projects. Here are 10 angles or ideas you might take:

  1. Conflict and resolution
  2. Influence of a parent, friend, pastor, or mentor
  3. A meaningful conversation
  4. Life and ministry experience
  5. Overcoming a challenge
  6. Personal renewal (think of movies like It’s a Wonderful Life or Family Man)
  7. A tragic event
  8. An adventure in search of something
  9. Something funny
  10. A new project or venture

Regardless of the angle you take, good copywriting begins with a customer in conflict—not your business, product or service, or features.

As a copywriter, you must place yourself in the shoes of your target audience, identify with their problem, and amplify their internal conflict so that their life becomes unbearable without the resolution you have to offer (think “Problem-Agitate-Solve”).

If you want to connect with customers and grow your business, fight the temptation to tell them about yourself. Instead, swim within the current of their life by guiding them to the successful destination they have in mind. Show them how…

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