All You Need to Know About Social Listening

All You Need to Know About Social Listening

All You Need to Know About Social Listening

Social listening helps brands from around the world to increase awareness and boost sales. Listening to consumers helps businesses develop product innovations. For example, Ocean Spray used social media stats to discover a $100 million idea. And Britvic successfully launched Fruit Shoot in the highly competitive US market thanks to listening to consumer behavior. Analyzing social media analytics doesn’t only influence crisis response, brand health or customer care. Its where innovative brands create new products, which offer increased value to customers. 

To create successful marketing campaigns, you must understand your audience. Discover how your prospects feel about your brand. Identify the topics and trends they’re discussing online. Get to know what your customers really want. To help you connect with your prospects, here’s a brief on social listening, the benefits it offers and the best tools available to boost your brands’ sales and ROI.   

The Basics of Social Listening

Social listening comprises two steps. First, you follow and monitor social media channels to discover mentions of your competitors, product, brand, and keywords connected to your business. Next, you analyze the data and act based on analytics. This could mean responding to a happy client’s comment or changing your brand’s social media positioning. Acting based on data differentiates social listening to social monitoring, which only involves the collection of information. 

While social monitoring is based on indicators such as mentions, reach, and engagement rate, social listening considers the customers’ behavior behind those numbers. It helps you understand how prospects view your brand but also your competitors. You’ll identify your prospects’ mood or the social media sentiment behind mentions. This way, you can keep your marketing strategies and product innovations on track. 

The Benefits of Social Listening

Learning more about your target audience will help you create a more personalized user experience and be present where your target audience is. You’ll find out what your prospects are discussing and what content they…

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