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We are back with SEMrush questions that were received during webinars, but due to time restraints were not answered. Obviously, we want to help our community as much as possible, so we reached out to experts with the very specific questions submitted and asked for their insights; you will see each of them below.

Our Q&A series will answer questions we get from social media, via email, in private conversations with customers, in blog comments, and in webinars. The webinar team gathers community questions and finds experts with the knowledge and experience to provide a solid answer. We will publish their responses each month. So if you have questions, let our team know, and perhaps we can get an answer for you. 

If you have any insights and recommendations regarding the questions below, please add them in the comments. 

Susan Wenograd 

CMO at Aimclear

Which campaigns are effective for Ecommerce business to increase sales? 

For e-commerce, there are usually two things I recommend:

  1. Have a Catalog campaign that focuses on dynamic products in the creative. This works especially well when you use the option to have an Instant Experience in the creative, which allows mobile users to browse your products right from the FB interface. It cuts down on the friction of taking them to a site where they need to navigate on their own.
  2. For higher-ticket products or those with a longer sales cycle, the Catalog-focused campaigns that optimize for purchases will probably miss out on a lot of potential sales for you – they are optimizing to people likely to buy quickly.

I have had great results running a cheaper top-of-funnel campaign type first, like Engagement. This builds brand awareness for a much lower cost and builds a remarketing user pool. Then I run a conversion-focused campaign type to those users, continuing to sell the features and benefits of the product.

The key is to remember that Facebook will do its best to do what you tell it to, but all…

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